Saturday, 4 August 2012

Day One - Rome

I was excited  when I arrived passport control desk because i have not good memory about passport and visa. It was my turn and officer took my passport then He didn't ask me anything and stamped my passport and gave. It was easy like that coz i have a green passport. 
I text Giulio. I wrote him''I will be in termini at 4 pm''. I got out of airport and went to train station. I guess i will use my interrail ticket first time. I couldn't undertand from sign n ask information desk. Information officer was really handsome coz of this I waited nearly 30 minutes!!! I asked he said that 2. class train too slow to termini. I should take first class and He showed me ticket office. I went to ticket office opposite of information desk. She couldn't speak very well english but she understood me. I got 1.class ticket i paid nearly 12-15 euros. I cant remember exactly. I couldn't use my interrail ticket. I was really dissapointed. I have to bought that first class ticket coz i missed 2. class train 10 min ago and My friend was waiting for me at termini. 

I arrived at termini station. Giulio told me'' Wait for me 10. railway'' I waited him 10 min then I went out and look around. My friend called me and said to me ''where're u?'' I walked back to 10. railway and i saw him after a year. He was really helpful. We got on the bus. Actually, we got on the first bus but ticket machine doesn't worked and we got off the bus then we wait nearly 10 min. for the next bus. Ticket machine didn't worked but we get on and He told me like that'' Actually, Nobody buy bus ticket in rome'' It explained why ticket machines don't work :)

We got off the bus nearly Bologna. I remember Post office in bologna square :) we will come back there later. After 15. min walk we bought all kind of italian beers then arrived his house.

P.S.: I will update within day....

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Before Inter Rail

Inter Rail is every student's dream like me! I stayed in the uk but i have no chance see the biggest european country before. What people can do coz of this chance?
I quit my work! Maybe, Crazy idea for loads of people but Sometimes, You have to go without any reason. I will write this story and reason on Foreign Story Let's focus on Inter Rail!
Actually,  Eurotrip wasn't my first choice even it was my dream. I really wanna go another continent but everythings happen quickly i can my mind and i really don't know exactly reason why i did it!
I applied for green passport(It's mean i don't need visa for europe) then i got my passport 3 days later. When i got my passport immediatly i went to agency n i bought my inter rail ticket. At that night, i found a flight ticket to Rome 3 days later. It was really cheap less then 100 dolar. I got my ticket that night n i paid with my mom's credit card's miles :) but i wasn't ready to go!
I had passport, flight ticket n interrail ticket. In some ways, I was ready to go but i have no backpack,no training shoes, no idea to very should i go even i haven't booked any hostel to stay. 
In my last three days, I got backpack from my friends. My uncle found n brought training shoes for me, i made a route superfical n i talked with some of my friends about my route coz they had been before in interrail, i got some tips from them. I talked with my friend in italy. I told him ''i'm coming''. He was very welcoming and really helpful (Thanks for everything Giulio. I never forget that). I packed my backpack! It takes nearly 3 hours and I was ready to go!
That day, I went to the airport with my family in the morning. My flight would land at 12:05 pm. It wasn't my first experience travel abroad but i was so excited! I passed through passport control. My travel started!
I bought Raki(traditional turkish alcohol) for my italian friends. I sat in coffee shop until my flight took off. My flight was good. I couldn't remember anything coz i fall a sleep :) Nearly 2:30 hours later, I arrived at the Rome Fiumicino Airport.
My Travel was going to start....